If You Have Been Bit

What to Do if You Have Been Bit
In a dog bite or animal attack case, your reaction is very important. It is critical that you immediately get the medical care you need. In addition to medical care, you need legal representation as soon as possible to protect your rights and your legal claims. The Law Offices of David F. Bennett has experience in valuation, preparation, and presentation of dog bite cases. We know how to value injuries, prove liability and damages, and recover significant verdicts and settlements in dog bite cases.

The prompt consultation with an attorney will help you preserve your evidence, rights, and future legal claims.

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, there are several important steps you must take to ensure your physical recovery as well as protect your future legal claims. The following dog bite information is not legal advice but precautionary advice and tips on warning signs to protect victims from rabies and other consequences related to dog bites.

If you have been bitten:

  • Identify the dog
  • Identify the owner or keeper
  • Seek rabies vaccine and appropriate medical attention
  • Collect evidence: take pictures of the dog, the scene, your injuries, contact witnesses
  • Contact an attorney

You must identify the dog and the owner or keeper before either disappears and evidence is lost.

The Law Offices of David F. Bennett will assist you in preservation and preparation of evidence, including medical records, photographs, and the contact of witnesses. We are experienced in handling dog bite cases and can aggressively pursue every avenue of recovery to ensure that you are compensated for your injuries.

Identification of the owner will protect you in testing the dog for rabies so that you do not have to endure the rabies vaccine. A rabies vaccination can be expensive, time consuming, and painful. If you can get the dog tested for rabies, you can avoid treatment.

In addition to the physical injuries caused by a dog bite, you may be suffering from psychological problems as well. We will assist you in identifying your short term and long-term medical needs and pursue maximum recovery for both your physical and mental injuries.

If you are interested in retaining the professional legal services of an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer contact the Law Offices of David F. Bennett.

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